Cure MS App Reviews

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Love it

As a mother of someone with MS I found this app to be very informative. I also was impressed with the things this family is doing to support research for a cure of this debilitating disease.

Great App!

I think this app is cool. I like the fact that I can make a difference in the lives of people who have MS. I think that's cool. 99 cents and not only do I get a fun animation on my phone I also have some information I can show people to help explain MS a little better and I have the satisfaction of knowing that I've done something, however small, to help people who have MS. My kids and I really like the animation in the app. It's very fun :)

Weak app

This app promises much and delivers little. It essentially has hyperlinks to MS websites. I have MS and would discourage others from purchasing this app. Waste of time and money. It should be free until they add features.


This app will help save people lives, be donating the money made to the nmss group.

awesome app

i loved it I'm glad that all of the profit they make goes to MS find the cure

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